Real life examples of issues that have occurred within fertility tourism

The plight of a childless couple is often painful, frustrating and socially alienating shattering the self confidence. Fertility tourism, however, brings in a light of optimism and at the end of this trying journey, the fruit of perseverance may wait in the form of a successful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. The picture is however not as rosy as it is portrayed. After a wearing struggle, you may land up in a failed infertility treatment. The road is bumpy and the ordeal too much to bear with before you can have a concrete outcome of these treatments.

Let us take a glimpse of what various intending parents say about their infertility treatment experiences they have faced which can just happen to you as well:

Case 1:
The O’Hara couple belonged to Dublin, Ireland. Frederick O’Hara was 36 years and Nancy his wife was 30 years. They got married seven years ago and were still childless. They had been through IVF s and a host of infertility treatments that bore no result. All on a sudden, a clinic in Mumbai seemed to bloom hope in their lives. The couple once again gathered patience and headed for the new journey. Now we hear the rest of the story from Nancy’s mouth:
“Everything went well and I was admitted to this infertility clinic in Mumbai. The docs and nurses all looked friendly and confident.  Besides I had Fred by my side with a tight and warm reassuring grip on my shoulder that this time it would certainly work.” Whatever be the outcome I just wanted to let the world know how grateful I felt towards the entire arrangement of the clinic. It was spotlessly clean and the cozy atmosphere made me feel I have won half the battle. I was supposed get my baby through IVF where I needed both the egg donor and the surrogate mother. We found two young merry women in their early twenties. The egg donor Martha’s cycle was synchronized with the cycle of Parul, the surrogate mother with due medications. Lots of medical gadgets and monitoring devices were all around us. It was essentially an environment where the electronic devices ruled. The human element and their functional role seemed secondary. The eggs were retrieved carefully. The eggs and the sperms were left to fuse together for achieving fertilization through IVF. But the fertilization never materialized. It was a darn failure that brought fresh pains to my already injured mind. The hope that bloomed had extinguished in a flicker. The eggs retrieved did not meet the quality required for a successful fertilization”


Case 2:

Our next couple savoring bitter taste of infertility treatment mishap is Conrad and Esmeralda Suarez from Cancun, Mexico. Let’s hear what Esmeralda has to say about their frustrating experience in a clinic right in Cancun. We have been married since ten years and the grace of god is yet to shower on us in the shape of a child which we desired so much. Both of us were diagnosed fit so long as our oocyte and sperm quality was concerned. The problem was with my inability to conceive due to medical reasons. There was a block in the womb that prevented a pregnancy from materializing. A middle-aged and healthy surrogate mother named Paola was called in. IVF fertilization was carried out collecting sperms from Conrad and eggs were retrieved from me. But the implantation never successfully completed inside Paola. She suffered from embryo implantation dysfunction which went practically undiagnosed. Her endometrial lining was abnormally thin putting off a possibility to conceive. It’s been a share of bad luck for us and negligence on the part of the clinic.” Esmeralda broke into a muffled sob.


Case 3:

Frank and Martha were from Dublin and were childless. Their eight years of marriage life started to turn stale when all of a sudden rays of hope started to usher in their barren life. It all started in a fertility clinic in Delhi, India where the couples started seeking help of infertility specialists. Let us now hear the rest of the blissful saga from Martha’s mouth.
“We almost broke down. Though Frank was still positive about life the world started crumbling down around me. It’s not so much a social alienation or a community stigma that bothered me. It was the painful void that I could not withstand. The information about this Delhi fertility treatment clinic came just like a voice from heaven. The attitude of the entire team was too good to be true. They were all very caring and dedicated. Their expertise must be top grade however being a layman I should not comment on this. But they kept me very happy and comfortable. It was just a second home. In fact it was more than a home. A healthy baby was born to us and we named her after the name of the clinic that changed our lives altogether in a big positive way”.