Know about international egg donation

There are a number of fertility clinics scattered across the globe that help customers from different parts of the world to conceive and have a baby through egg donation schemes.
In fact, there are hundreds of customers living next door who have travelled abroad to avail egg donation services and have successfully become pregnant. All their efforts and patience have ultimately borne fruit of their perseverance and today they are happy parents. There are countless egg donors who belong to different race and religion eager to bring smile on the faces of intending parents. These egg donors are willing to fly abroad to donate their eggs as per the demand of the intending parents or the concerned clinic strictly abiding by the law of the land.

Coordination between the clinics and donors

International egg donors have been connected with global fertility clinics in a close network. The coordinators of these clinics are well aware of their day to day moves and have their biological and genetic details at the back of their hands. These clinics have a vast and comprehensive database of international egg donors maintaining a close contact with them.

Egg donation through egg banks

Many reputed global egg banks have a huge inventory of frozen eggs collected from selected donors. Availing donor eggs through these banks are less expensive. Egg banks are mostly tied up with reputed fertility clinics for supplying frozen eggs even through overseas shipment if required. Of course, the entire proceeding is done amidst the existing legal framework. A customer should seek full clarification and authenticity of the donor and her background while availing frozen eggs from these banks.

Legal implications

However, egg donation at the international level is keenly sensitive to legal standings. Clients come from different countries and each of these countries has different sets of laws having different implications for egg donation programs. Moreover, the laws governing international egg donation programs are highly fluctuating in nature. What is supportive towards egg donation today might go against it tomorrow as the legal framework keeps on changing.

Ethics involved in egg donation

International egg donation is governed by certain medical ethics that ensures security of the recipients as well as it benefits the donors. Most of the clinics that supervise the procedure of egg donation need to be registered. Prior to registration, they need to qualify with respect to the standard of medical facilities available like the experience, qualification and international exposure of their key fertility specialists and rest of the human capital working under them.
The clinics supervising international egg donation need to employ legal and administrative experts who would successfully deal with legal and social issues connected with egg donation.

Selection of the egg donor

A donor should qualify into the donor pool only after a thorough medical screening, which is rigorous and encompasses psychological, physical and genetic evaluation. The candidates should be young within the age group of 20 years to 30 years when the fertility potential is at the peak. Appraisal of the egg donor is not only limited to evaluation of medical history but to the genetic makeup as well. A number of clinical tests are conducted to ensure whether she is carrying any disease like HIV which could harm the baby or the mother.

According to international egg donation guidelines set up by globally recognized authoritative bodies on embryological science, the egg donor is often personally interviewed by the clinic specialists. It is conducted to ensure that the donor doesn’t smoke or drink too much. General habits, interests and the IQ level of the donor are disclosed by these series of interviews which reveal a lot about the eligibility of being an egg donor.

Signing agreement between the donor and the recipient

The agreement between the donor, the intending parents and the third party that is the clinic, is an important piece of document on which the entire program rests in international egg donation schemes. A legal expert will be present who will interpret the finer points before all the parties sign it.

Egg donation procedure

The procedural steps of international egg donation would involve injecting medicines into the donor to enhance egg production by triggering the follicle stimulating in synchronization with the menstrual cycle with that of the recipient.  The eggs retrieved can be implanted in the recipient immediately through a clinical procedure or may be cryopreserved for later use as dictated by the need of the situation.