Gender Selection

Baby Gender Selection (Sex Selection)

Modern technological advancements have yielded advanced reproductive technology that reduces the odds of having baby Belonging to the gender of own selection. At New Life we are happy to offer gender selection service at our Asia, Ukraine and Mexico branches.
Gender selection (sex selection) is a medical technique used to choose the sex of the baby: a boy or a girl. There are various reasons intended parents may would like to choose the gender of their offspring: to balance their family in terms of gender, to prevent genetic disease linked to specific gender , also to meet some cultural and social norms. We provide gender selection service to intended parents who wish to balance their family or prevent particular disease.
Sex selection undergoes a wide range of medical steps which fundamentally involve separation of X and Y chromosomes from the sperm cells. There are several methods used for sex selection and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is one them.
Sex Selection

PGD is a procedure used prior to implantation (transfer to uterus) of the embryo/embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF).
PGD is used not only for gender selection but for medical screening purpose as well. It enables to prevent various disease that are usually determined by specific chromosomes. We offer several options :

  • PGD with Gender Selection testing up to 5 embryos for chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y
  • PGD with Aneuploidy , testing up to 5 embryos for chromosomes X, Y, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22 and gender selection
  • PGD for Gender Selection and Complete Chromosome Screening [CCS] , testing up to 5 embryos for all 24 types of chromosomes

It is worth mentioning that in the process of PGD the embryos may get destroyed. Therefore it is critical to have good number of quality embryos in order to carry PGD on them. Moreover, .Based on our experience, mostly 50% of the embryos can usually develop until blastocyst stage on day 5-7. Furthermore, not all of these embryos will be of the best quality which may result lower pregnancy rate compare to standard IVF procedure completed without PGD procedure.

PGD is associated with false positive and false negative outcomes and therefore should NOT be considered as 100 percent accurate test.