Guaranteed Surrogacy

Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program


At New Life we are constantly striving to meet needs of our intended parents. Therefore, we have developed several options of services they can choose from. Guaranteed Baby Program is one of the latest unique programs we have designed for you.

We are happy to provide Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program in several branches at the moment: Georgia, Ukraine and Asia. We are in the process of developing it for Kenya and hopefully will implement in future but for the moment only above mentioned branches are the ones providing such guaranteed service.

Please note that the married heterosexual couples can benefit from the Guaranteed Program in Georgia and Ukraine, while the single intended parents are welcome to apply for it in Asia branch.

Guaranteed Surrogacy

At New Life, Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program envisages the following :

  • Unlimited IVF/ICSI procedures
  • Unlimited coverage of involved medical services fees
  • Unlimited number of new egg donors if required
  • Planning the program with the possibility to choose an Egg Donor from the New Life data base
  • Coverage of New IVF and Egg Donation program expenses and all involved costs, in case of miscarriage, until pregnancy is achieved


Most our intended parents find it very helpful to have certain funds allocated for the program and have a peace in mind that they can be assured of the favorable outcome no matter of tries needed. In case of your interest, please e-mail us and our follow up manager will provide all necessary information for your informed decision.

Guaranteed Baby Program

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