Understanding the costs associated with fertility tourism and importance of budgeting

Fertility tourism can rob you of your bank balance if not planned properly. The cost of fertility treatments and medications are important factors of concern. They are often so unimaginably high that leaves many couples plagued with infertility worrisome. Even the insurance coverage plans for fertility treatment are very confusing. What is promised by the policy agents look much like a marketing hype. What the insurer actually gets and what was originally promised in the plan turn out way different. There are a lot of expenses associated with fertility tourism. It is prudent to realize all the interconnected costs and give a proper deliberation on them so that you can budget your fertility treatment trip on appropriate lines.

The average cost for In-vitro fertilization technology (IVF) in the US would be around 14000 USD. This is, however, a specialized fertility treatment requiring service of experts and laboratory costs. Common infertility treatments such as ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination are less expensive comparatively. Consequently, the results are not as great in these treatments as in IVF. Owing to a cut throat competition among clinics for providing infertility treatment services in a limited area, the costs naturally vary from one clinic to other.

Let us have a look at the nature of fertility treatment services and the average cost associated with them:
– The first visit to a fertility specialist – 200USD to 400 USD.
-Pelvic ultrasound – 150 USD to 500 USD.
-Fertility related blood test – 200USD to 400USD.
-Semen analysis – 50 USD to 300 USD.
-HSG dye test – 800 USD to 3000 USD.
-IUI – 300 USD to 1000 USD.
– Monitored injectable FSH cycle – 1500 USD to 6000 USD.
-IVF + ICSI – Over 14000 USD

Third party service Cost

Expenses related to hiring third part for surrogacy or egg and sperm donation should be calculated accurately going through the contract details thoroughly to avoid future dispute while settling the payment with the party.

You need to frame a comprehensive budget for your fertility tourism depending upon a realistic database collected from reliable sources. The advantages of budgeting can be put in a nutshell as hereunder:

A feasible budget will help reduce the pressure of having to pay unnecessary costs associated with unwise planning leading to cancellation of programs that don’t ultimately match up to your schedule.

Most of the fertility tourists are unaware of the hidden costs that add quite a substantial amount to the total expenses for the trip. They focus only on treatment, accommodation and travel expenses. There are lots of medical/non-medical costs that contribute largely to lighten the wallet. The expenses associated with hiring the services of a facilitator, for example, is quite substantial. They make up a big chunk of the total outlay that you have to incur. Some hidden costs can be as follows:

-Does the treatment include medication costs? Or you need to pay separately?

-In many clinics, you need to pay separately in case you need the support of a special medical equipment like pulse oximeter.

– Fertility treatment involves lots of medical tests. Often, one time test may not reveal the true picture. Does the package include one-time medical tests or 2/3 tests are included in it as per the situational demand?

-Do you need to pay extra for post treatment checkups?

-In case of extended stay in the clinic, do you need to pay extra?

-If you opt for embryo/egg/sperm freezing, know the detailed costs involved.

-Airfare while traveling abroad can be budgeted. What about other transportation costs to be incurred while visiting the clinic?

-Unexpected legal issues may crop up and you may need to pay extra apart from the scheduled legal and administrative fees.

– Unexpected extension of the duration of your trip abroad would mount your accommodation charges as well.

-Miscellaneous costs related to shopping or short term site seeing can be quite substantial.

The exchange rate is crucial. The possible fluctuations in the currency rates during your stay will certainly have a bearing on your real expenses. You need to factor in this element to draw up a realistic budget.

Take a look at your overall budget from a collective perspective and breakdown each element into smaller bits for giving a close focus on each of these cost elements. Smaller the cost elements, easier would be for you to manage them. One area where you can save your cost is by cutting the requirement for a prolonged stay.

Maintain a clear cut communication and fix up your appointment with the fertility treatment specialist in such a manner that not a single day is wasted. Ensure to meet your specialist as per prescheduled appointment. There shouldn’t be any cancellation due to any miscommunication from your side. A cancellation would mean you are unnecessarily stranded in the hotel shooting the accommodation and food bills.