New Life Asia Surrogacy Advantages

For parents-to-be seeking to start or grow their families with the help of surrogacy and egg donation services, New Life Asia is here to help. As part of New Life Network, our clinics have access to branches throughout the world that can all seamlessly work together to make your dreams of parenthood come true. There are many reasons why New Life Asia is an advantageous location for many parents-to-be.


In many countries throughout the world, surrogacy services are expensive and financially challenging for most parents-to-be. In Asia, these same services are easily accessible for nearly half the price they would be in the USA or European nations.

Asia surrogacy Advantages

We are excited to be able to offer the same high-quality services at an affordable price to help you achieve your dream of parenthood without the stress of financial burden. Our fee structure is designed to be wallet-friendly, and we offer convenient installment payments for all parents-to-be.


New Life Network has been helping people from all over the world become parents for more than 10 years. In those 10 short years, we have established a name as one of the largest and most reputable IVF agencies, being featured on various TV programs and in newspapers, such as Al Jazeera, Guardian, ABC TV, Chinese TV’s, French TV 2, Thailand TV, The Wall Street Journal and more. Because we have branches established in many different locations, we have the privilege of providing fertility treatment and services to parents-to-be from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds. This has resulted in a multinational team that speaks your language and has helped more than 7,000 surrogacy babies to be placed into loving families from 73 different countries. These parents would be happy to speak with you to share their New Life experience, simply ask your representative to be connected with them.

Comfort and Security

There was a time when agencies would open and then mysteriously close without a trace of their existence. Unfortunately, this put parents at risk, but with New Life you can feel comfortable and secure. New Life is a global chain of IVF clinics, so in the event that a country we operate in bans surrogacy, we have immediate access to other clinics and solutions to be able to continue your program through relocation to one of our sister branches. This means you don’t have to worry about your efforts or financial investment being lost. We won’t just disappear if any legal challenges arise; instead, we will quickly work with you to continue on your journey to parenthood until it becomes a reality.

Unique Database of Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers

We take the health and safety of our egg donors and surrogate mothers very seriously at New Life. Before an egg donor or surrogate mother is added to our database, all candidates must pass rigorous screening that checks their mental and physical health, in addition to medical parameters and family history. This is how we can ensure that all egg donors and surrogate mothers are of young age, capable and healthy, with a proven track record, and fully understand their role in the program. By consistently abiding by these requirements, we have established the world’s largest egg donor database with donors from various backgrounds and nationalities for our parents-to-be to choose from. This allows future parents to select the best fit for their families.

Success Rate

New Life Asia is proud to be able to provide high-quality services in our state-of-the-art medical facilities. Our medical and non-medical teams are both highly skilled and qualified, and dedicated to ensuring your comfort, safety, and happiness throughout the duration of your program. Our people have paved the way for New Life to establish an admirable global reputation for our IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, PGD and other ART services. When you choose New Life, you will be in the capable, experienced hands of the most qualified medical professionals that have already handled numerous infertility treatment cases and achieved success. Our commitment to our parents-to-be has paved the way to high success rates that allow us to offer Guaranteed Baby Programs. These programs are a worry-free solution for parents-to-be seeking a clear financial investment and definite path to parenthood.

Guaranteed Baby Program

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