Cryopreservation facilities abroad

Egg and sperm freezing centers abroad enable you to have a grip on the timeline as when to achieve fertility so that delivery of your child could be suitably matched with the precise time when you want to get it through. There has been a major breakthrough in the methods of successful cryopreservation which could set fertility options in women which are no longer controlled by nature’s time limit.

Cryopreservation facilities abroad have made this miracle possible for you. While you can have your baby at the age of 45 years due to circumstantial requirements and at the same time have the potential of a woman aged 25 years for example. The most eminent fertility specialists and cryo-preservationists across the globe have joined hands developing advanced procedures so that your eggs can be set in a time machine for a long journey onwards and hatching at a future point of time without losing its qualitative features.

Clinics abroad having cryopreservation facilities also have options for those looking for donor eggs. They would offer them pre-screened frozen and well preserved eggs donated by young egg donors who have already passed through a series of clinical tests and qualified themselves for egg donation.

Fertility clinics abroad specializing in cryopreservation techniques also offer 100 % gender selection procedures closely monitored and executed by the most talented fertility specialists that you may not find back home in your domestic clinics.

In many foreign clinics, the technicians and specialists have further exacted the egg freezing procedures so that women belonging to all age group irrespective of their national and cultural backgrounds can participate in fertility programs inspired by the revolutionary cryopreservation concepts.

Egg freezing, needless to say, could be best employed taking eggs from young donors. But clinics abroad do not stop at this ideal concept. They further provide suitable guidelines for clients that whether cryopreservation techniques are going to work for them.

Procedures for egg freezing in clinics abroad

-It involves preparation of the ovaries for the synthesis of mature eggs required for the freezing process. The normal menstrual cycle of the customer is awaited. At this point of time, fertility drugs will be administered so that the potential of the ovaries are maximized.

-Fertility medications are designed to allow the growth of eggs in ovaries that will be subsequently removed for freezing. Administration of multiple fertility injections are done for production of healthy eggs.
– After achieving maturity, the eggs would be retrieved following a small surgical procedure which is practically painless and conducted under anesthesia.

– After retrieval, the eggs are prepared in cryopreservation laboratory in clinics abroad by a qualified embryologist who will ensure healthy appearance of eggs initiating the freezing. Here the advanced vitrification procedure is applied where the environmental temperature to which the eggs are exposed are rapidly lowered till all the metabolic activities are arrested.

– The frozen eggs are then transferred to a liquid nitrogen chamber for storage and preserved for future use.

Laboratories in fertility clinics abroad have the latest medical facilities and freezing equipments with which they can proceed with the egg freezing technique successfully. The liquid nitrogen chamber is monitored round the clock to ensure proper functioning. Experts and cryopreservation specialists with the support of qualified embryologists are available who closely supervise the entire procedure.

Hygiene and cleanliness are important factors which have a definite impact on the quality of cryopreservation techniques. These two factors are given utmost importance in mist of the clinics abroad so that despite all efforts your dream for cryopreservation of your eggs does not blow up in smoke!

Presently, the cryopreservation techniques have made a lot of development than what it used to be a decade back. Clinics abroad are very focused on this area and dedicated to give their customers the best service so far as egg and sperm freezing is concerned.