Countries that have infrastructure for fertility tourism

Fertility treatments in many countries are supported by amazing infrastructure. The social, cultural and the governments in these countries play a key role in making them most sought after destinations for tourists in the quest for infertility treatment. From all possible angles touching the areas of ART, IVF, ICSI, PGD, cryopreservation of eggs and sperms and regards the availability of egg / sperm donors and surrogate mothers, these countries stand at the helm of being the number one infertility treatment provider to intending parents. The legal system in these countries is conducive to availing a great fertility treatment program.

Here we take an exploration to countries which have an amazing environment for availing a great infertility treatment program:

Spain has installed a national health system called the Systema Sanitario Publico which all the citizens who pay the national health insurance premium can have a free access without spending money. The benefits and facilities which a customer can avail is set out clearly in the Carta De Derechos y Deberes , which is basically the charter of Rights and Obligations.
The social attitude towards fertility treatment is supportive, and the Spanish society despite being predominantly Roman Catholic has an open minded legal system that allows everyone to access the Spanish fertility clinics for treatment.
Spain is dotted with over two hundred fertility clinics offering quality services to customers.
– They have a pool of talented team updated on the latest developments in reproductive science and backed up by the latest medical support system.
– Fertility clinics are spotlessly tidy and modern with latest fertility treatment equipment.

India is known for its highly competitive fertility treatment clinics that offer complete packages coming at a surprisingly low price. There are more than five hundred fertility treatment centers and some of them had successfully been in public service for over thirty years.
The standard of the clinics are highly satisfying catering to the needs of the customers. The regulations are flexible permitted females up to the age of 55 years to avail the treatment.  India enjoys a unique global status for being the fastest growing health care sector in privately run ownerships including the fertility treatment solution domain.


Turkey has a fantastic infertility treatment infrastructure pulling a substantial proportion of fertility tourists every year. The specialists in modern Turkish clinics are usually trained in Europe and the US. They usually hold specialized training certificates in IVF from Turkey as well as abroad.
However, by statute, surrogacy and IVF treatment with donor eggs and sperms is strictly banned. Married couples have an unrestricted access to a plethora of fertility treatments using their own eggs and sperms at an affordable price. The clinics are modern with all facilities. It is mandatory that the Turkish fertility specialists should have a membership of the European Society of Human Reproductive Endocrinology.
Turkey offers one of the most modern fertility treatments to customers comparable to any country having a reputation in fertility treatment.



Brazil enjoys a significant place in the infertility treatment world as a destination of mounting reputation for being a hotspot for fertility treatment. There are over 150 world class fertility clinics in this country which run on well regulated principles. The legal system is flexible and favorable to fertility treatment. Services are available for same sex couples and single women.



The number of fertility clinics in this country is limited to 19 only but they are all great clinics in terms of quality service. IVF surrogacy is legal and aged women too have an opportunity to become pregnant as egg donation service is available too.



Greece has an excellent infrastructure for fertility tourism. There are about sixty good clinics running on nationally regulated principles covering all types of fertility treatments including IVF.



There is a national regulation monitored by Ministerial decree that covers all ART treatments in Hungarian clinics. Most clinics are privately run producing high success rates in fertility treatments.