Availing sperm and egg bank services abroad

Sperm and egg banks are set up to help couples with fertility disorder so that they can access these storehouses of vital human reproductive units to have a baby of their own. The donors are even doing an honorary service over here in donating eggs and sperms to the valuable bank set up so at the hour of need the intending parents do not go have to go for a tiring search for the right match of egg and sperm.

These banks go through the usual procedure for testing and qualifying donors involving a thorough medical diagnosis. This would again include examining the donor with regard to any genetic, mental and physical disorder which would guarantee the customers looking for a high level of quality and security.

The sperm and egg banks abroad operate in line with the standards established by the international organizations handling assisted reproduction and embryology ensuring protection to both the donors and the recipients against any damage done to the health or quality of products. These foreign biological banks can be accessed through the internet as they have a comprehensive website and enough space for customer queries and their solutions. As required, you may need to have a registration with these bank websites before you can proceed with further actions from your end.

Sperm and egg banks use the latest IT solutions to cinch anonymity of donors and monitoring the donation process closely. Since a synchronization of the procedure is not possible to match donation and the receipt of eggs and sperms at the same point of time, the banks will certainly go for cryopreservation technique. The banks ensure that the sperms and eggs are collected from high potential donors from the age group of 20 -35 years due to the obvious reason that reproductive capabilities in both men and women decline with age.

Here you have a choice to select your sperm and eggs depending on your inclination for specific features like:
– the color of hair and eyes, skin complexion.
–  Structural built and general health.
– The level of education of the donors and the general IQ level.
– Your fascination for a particular geographical location which the donor comes from like many customers are hell bent over Caucasian donors paying premium prices.

The procedural techniques applied by these banks for collection of ova (eggs) may or may not involve ovarian hyper stimulation. In a case of ovarian stimulation, the donor is given hormone injections to produce eggs which are retrieved with the help of an ultrasound machine under mild sedation. The entire process takes around half an hour. The eggs collected become very significant for third party reproduction in future and for production of stem cells from unfertilized eggs.

Ova or egg banks are performing well and are hugely popular with the women folk. Foreign ova banks may have the latest medical support system which are lacking in your domestic bank. These banks mainly address to women with:
– Premature ovarian failure.
– Ineffective ovaries.
– Post ovarian surgery.
– Chemotherapy for those suffering from cancer.
– Premature menopause.
– Repeated failures with IVF.

The procedural steps for availing service from these banks can be summed up as follows:

-The intending parent is at liberty to select an active donor from the roaster of the bank abroad.
-The donor coordinator will ensure that the egg donor is available to the cycle.
-Initial laboratory testing will include a number of clinical tests.
-The donor will go through a thorough physical and mental evaluation.
-The appointment is fixed and the eggs are retrieved and planted.

Availing sperm bank services abroad will involve similar procedure though sperm retrieval it is not as complicated as egg retrieval. However, sperm evaluation is done prior to donation.