I am a Father Now!

New Life welcomes Chinese baby boy into the world. Mr. H. L. from China approached New Life in 2016 as per recommendation of his friend who had successfully completed program with our agency earlier and became a father with our help. While surrogacy opportunities for single intended parents are limited, New Life was able to find relevant option and helped a single male to become a dad. The journey to fatherhood was really smooth for Mr. H. as pregnancy was received at the very first attempt. Those nine months have finally ended and as a result Mr. H. got to hold the baby in his arms. “I am a father now!” – he cried with excitement when New Life representative congratulated him on the precious new arrival – “I want to tell my baby, it’s so great to have you, son! I’m so blessed!”.

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful, exiting and life changing events that can happen and New Life is proud for having an opportunity to help intended parents including singles on this rewarding journey. A brand new life has just begun. Congratulations!