Twins, this is so Perfect!

28 November 2017, 3:00 a.m. Toronto. I was in my study dealing with some files and was ready to rest. All of a sudden, my phone rang “Ding”, I got an e-mail from Megan. The first sentence I see when I opened the email is “Congratulations on your twins”. I could not believe my eyes at that moment. I read carefully this short four words over and over again for three times. There is no words to describe my feelings at all… I immediately opened Wechat and shared this exciting news with my family in China and my best friends. I really couldn’t get all my words together, the only thing I could think about was to screenshot the e-mail and share to everyone. Meanwhile, the skies cleared out, it’s been a really long time since I had such an exciting sleepless night. I remember 2 days ago still asking Megan the question that if I only received one baby, what shall I do if I want one more. Now it turns out that I was over concerned.

Thank New life. Twins, this is so perfect!!! See you soon, my babies.

J from Canada