It has been and will continuously be a long journey, till I really become a father. I still remember, about 1 year ago, I contacted Megan for some information about New Life and their surrogacy plans. We had a lot of communication until I finally made a decision. We also met some unexpected situations in these months, such as the Laos facility closed, the surrogate mother missed the schedule, the chosen egg donor was not ready for a recent donation, etc. I was a little worried in between but fortunately, Nana and Megan and other New Life staff did a great job to overcome all these emergency cases. As I had some unsmooth experience, I never expected to succeed in the first trial of IVF. However, you have to realize that Life is a miracle sometimes. When I knew I have twins, I could not use any words to describe my unbelievable happiness at that moment.

I’d like to thank my friend Mike for introducing me to New Life, to Nana, Megan and all other New Life staff for their great job, to egg donor and surrogate for their involvement in my journey to be a father. Thank you all. And Hope my babies will grow healthy and my project will go as smooth as the IVF process.


W. Y. from China

When people arrive at some certain age in life they are eager to have their own kids. During these recent 4-5 years I extremely wanted one and I was introduced to New Life by a good friend of mine. The first time when I contacted New Life was October, 2016, but life is a joke sometimes. After I had sperm collection done in October in Cambodia, I faced the changes of law there, all the process have to be stopped. I could not do anything at that time but to wait until the opening of new branch in Laos in 2017. We looked forward to do transfer in March, and we were so eager to find out the result of the program in April.

Happiness came so suddenly. When Megan informed me that I have twin boys, I was so happy… I stared at the ultrasound and wished my sons could come to life right away. The stage of pregnancy was even more anxious and finally, after nine months my babies were born. The new chapter of my life started, everything is surrounded by the babies. I feel like that my life is more colorful than before. Although sometimes I had a headache from the sound of baby crying or sound of hiccup made me exhausted, but I was touched by beautiful and innocent smile of the babies.

Thank New Life for all the help to complete my dream to have kids. I want to thank Nana and Megan for all the support during the process, especially Megan. She always helped me right away when I ran into any difficulties or questions. Thank you for accompanying me during the whole process!

X.W. from China

How time flies, it has been few years! I started the program from Thailand , then Cambodia, America, back to Asia again. Finally, I got the baby girl with the help of New Life during the journey. There are many agencies but the reason I chose New Life is the safety of the big company. There are some changes of policy, however New Life is always active in dealing with issues, and this company is very honest and credible . Especially, with the help of the Chinese staff Megan who makes communication more comfortable. Thank you, Nana, Megan and Newlife.

HL T from China

We were thrilled to learn the great news on our second attempt. Our family is full of happiness because we have been waiting for this for a long time. It’s never been easy all the way alone. Therefore we really appreciate all the hard work and effort that Newlife staff has put in, especially Nana and Megan. We know that our little angel is now in good hands and we can’t wait to be dads soon. Thank you for making our life more complete!

It was not an easy job coming through all the way until now. I would like to express my gratitude to Sophie, thank you for your patience, and also to Nana and Megan, thank you very much! On 6th February, 2018 I received the Week 14th ultrasound report of my surrogate, I was full of excitement and happiness. I firmly believe that hard work and perseverance will definitely come true. All the best. Thanks Newlife!

B. from China

It’s was such a surprise for me when I got to know that I will have twin boys. I can’t know how to thanks New Life’s great effort to help me realize my wishes to be the parent. Although at the beginning of project is not smooth, but New Life’s staff Megan and Nana is really helpful and nice to help and encourage me. Now the only thing I need do is to prepare to be the parent and wait my two boys come out smoothly. Thanks New Life!

X.T. from China

28 November 2017, 3:00 a.m. Toronto. I was in my study dealing with some files and was ready to rest. All of a sudden, my phone rang “Ding”, I got an e-mail from Megan. The first sentence I see when I opened the email is “Congratulations on your twins”. I could not believe my eyes at that moment. I read carefully this short four words over and over again for three times. There is no words to describe my feelings at all… I immediately opened Wechat and shared this exciting news with my family in China and my best friends. I really couldn’t get all my words together, the only thing I could think about was to screenshot the e-mail and share to everyone. Meanwhile, the skies cleared out, it’s been a really long time since I had such an exciting sleepless night. I remember 2 days ago still asking Megan the question that if I only received one baby, what shall I do if I want one more. Now it turns out that I was over concerned.

Thank New life. Twins, this is so perfect!!! See you soon, my babies.

J from Canada

From the beginning in searching surrogacy agency until the baby is delivered today, the whole process is very smooth, I’m really blessed to have this piece of luck. The moment when I saw the new life today, all the sense of uncertainty and unsafe has totally turned into excitement and joy. I say to myself that I’m a father now!! I shared this happiness to my friends right away. I really appreciate all my friends and my relatives for all the support and help, and to Newlife agency who provides the service of IVF.

H.L from China

Hi Nana, Thank you for your patience and understanding. From the beginning of the project to now a lot of people help us especially you and Megan. We’re grateful for that, you let us have the opportunity to realize our dreams. Although we have experienced failure, we still choose NL because we see your all responsibility and attitude.

We hope that New Life can continue to uphold the commitment and responsibility, we will let more friends of us know NL in the future because NL makes our dreams come true.

Thank you.

F.W. from China

I would like to express my deep appreciation to New Life’s employees, egg donor, surrogate mother, doctors and the nurses at hospital for helping me to make my dream come true. Looking at our precious little children reminds me of your incredible helps. I am so fortunate to have found New Life. It has been, and continues to be, an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

We wish New Life and everybody the best for the future.

Thank you

N from Norway.