Dear all,

I’m really excited to know this good news about pregnancy, it means a lot to me, many thanks.

let’s keep in touch, again thanks for your patient and professional works!

Mr H Z from China

Ahhhhhh! This is AMAZING news! Thanks so much, Tey – and Dr. Sean, and, most of all, our surrogate! We’re so thrilled – both sets of grandparents are delighted and eagerly awaiting all news!

Pisey, it’s wonderful to meet you – we’re looking forward to coordinating to make sure our surrogate and the new arrival have the best possible care. We’d like to follow up you as soon as possible.

We’re feeling so full of love and appreciation for everything our surrogate is doing for us, and for everyone’s hard work at New Life Asia!

Thanks so much, Sophie! We’re thrilled, excited and terrified. Thanks so much for helping us all through this process. You’re doing an amazing and life-changing job!

Very, very best wishes

Two excited and happy daddies

J and E

Dear Tey,

Thanks for your support so much, your Email really makes me not only existing but also touched.

Please give my great thanks to the surrogate mother as well, I know it is a long and laborious experience for her, if there is anything I can do for her please let me know, such as the nourishments and the like if needed.

Frankly speaking, I am waiting for your Email in the whole morning, many thanks for all of you again.

Fingers crossed!

Dear Sophie,

Thanks concern for me. This update also makes me feel happiness.

Your colleges in Asia, particularly Tey, are very professional and scrupulous, thanks for you and their work again.

Sincerely yours,

Y X from China

Dear Tey and Sophie,

Thanks so much for this great news and your effort and assist offered so far. We are so excited and happy to get this positive news, which has already made me constantly thinking and worried for the most of the time in the past 10 days. It is really huge and important moment for my whole family. It is so delightful to have u to enjoy this moment together.

At the same time, please bring my best wishes and thank to my surrogate mother. From this moment, she will take the responsibility to bear our kid as well as closely link our whole family’s future fate. During the last stay in PP, I didn’t have the chance to meet her in person and conduct video call afterwards. Since she is just pregnant and needs sufficient rest, I don’t need any video call with her any more. However, please make sure that she knows we are caring about her all the time and ask her to take care of herself for sure during her pregnancy.

Now healthy baby is my only strong wish and expectation. I can’t tolerate any things harmful to my baby.

Concerning the check list for surrogate about “dos and don’ts in pregnancy, please educate her and do some monitoring follow up. For example, no certain medicines, drugs, alcohol, no chemical stuffs like cosmetics and colored hair, pay attention to nutrition and so on, I bet New Life should be much more professional than me to take actions to assure baby’s health.

Z C from China

Hi Tey, Nana, Sophie,

It’s so wonderful!!! No words can describe how excited and grateful I am now!!! Appreciate everything you have done for me!!!

Hi Pisey,

Thank you for following up with my new life. Please feel free to let me know what is needed from me.

Besides, please forward my honest appreciation to my surrogate mother and kindly remind her to take good rest.

Thank you everyone. Wish you all the best!

H Z from China

Thank you Sophie and Tey.

Today is a special day for me, it will be a nice start and important step for my new life. I am very happy.

Thank you, thank you all for your supports and efforts.

Best regards,

H Z from China

Hello Sophie!

Things have really gone precisely our way since the start.
We do not take anything for granted. We are holding our fingers crossed.
Thank you for being so professional in a very kind and considering manner. It is very much appreciated.

P & M from UK

Hi Sophie,

Thank you we are so happy!! we celebrated with family and friends last night. Words cannot express how happy we are!! The service we have had from Janine and everyone at Newlife has been absolutely amazing!! Can you please arrange for flowers and chocolates to be sent to our surrogate, I will pay.

Thank you thank you new life team your all amazing people!!

Thank you so much
S & K