After one year of preparation and waiting, two little angles finally came to earth. It is worthwhile to think about preparations and waiting for so many years. I knew NL from my friends last summer and I hesitated, but I still chose NL. In the process of waiting, there was joy, such as a success is a twin; and I had an unhappy experience too, but through the coordination of Nana and Megan, we found a satisfactory solution. I am grateful to NL for this, and I have fulfilled my desire to be a father and a parent. I would like to thank Nana and Megan for their help and professional service in the process, as well as the staff who have never met in this process. Special thanks to the pregnant mother and the egg donor, especially the surrogate mother . Her hard work and sincerity in the whole process of giving birth to twins made me feel very moved and warm. The Long March is always at the foot of the team, may my little babies grow up healthily. I also wish everyone who helped me in this process happiness and well-being.

Jesse from China,