Ancient art of fertility treatment

When infertility is the issue, prehistoric therapeutic techniques applied by early human civilization were no less effective as the modern medical treatments. Early human beings explored the human body in every detail. Their knowledge of human physiology was profound based upon which the symptoms and diagnosis of a disease were possible and so was its remedial solution. Infertility was no exception. The causes were analyzed and solutions offered which were very different from the modern-day IVF and IUI treatments in procedural techniques but in spirit they weren’t much way apart.

Acupuncture and TCM

The art of acupuncture is ancient and was perfected by the ancient Chinese doctors.
It is a smooth and pleasant way of getting treated if you have infertility issue. This ancient infertility treatment is gaining fast popularity. Who could imagine your body nerve endings have huge potential? A gentle prick by a needle over these millions of nerve endings with precision and skill could certainly unlock this huge potential. This ancient treatment helps your body to peak at its optimum capacity and helps you to perform better.
It is largely a different procedure altogether and a wide departure from the approved modern day infertility treatment. It is an interesting fact that acupuncture is a physical therapy. It doesn’t even call for penetration through the skin and still induces the much needed chemical reactions responsible for boosting up your metabolism.

Acupuncture has a history of curing patients suffering from fertility disorders. Acupuncture together with ancient Chinese medicines has been in use since past 5000 years serving humanity and helping females suffering from infertility issues, achieve pregnancy.

Basis of Acupuncture

Acupuncture visualizes the infertility issue from an interesting perspective. The acutherapists study the menstrual cycle first. Since the cycle involves the spilling of Qi from the body with the monthly discard of the uterine lining, the bigger picture comes to the forefront.  It is the flow of the blood, the moisture of the Yin and the temperature of the Yang taken together determine the profile of the female’s hormonal balance or imbalance.

 The female menstrual cycle and the role of Yin and Yang 

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the forces of Yin and Yang act in the opposite direction and try to stay in equilibrium with each other. Yin is cool, submissive and retreating. Whereas Yang is hot, dominant and ever expanding.

Yin offers the canvas, the moist material to work on. Yang provides the required potential to work on the canvas. If life is compared with a cascade, Yin is the water and Yang is the current that provides the potential energy.

The first half of the menstrual cycle, which is the follicular phase according to the modern medical concept is when Yin rules. It is the growth stage of the ovum and the levels of Estrogen and Progesterone are low at the start of the cycle. It leads to the shedding of uterine lining.  Next, the quality of the blood Qi that flows out is very important to appraise Yin. Equally significant is the role that Qi plays over here manifesting in cramps and mood swings as a reaction to menstrual flow.

Treatment principle

-It is common for the therapist to ask about the color and texture of the blood. It is a part of the treatment.

– Queries about emotional stress, pain and cramp that accompany the menstrual cycle are asked by the acu-therapist as well.

-During the culmination of the first half of the cycle, the element of Yin (modern day FSH) allows one follicle to grow larger in size than the others. This very follicle is the moist structural development we were talking about earlier on which Yang would work on. The journey of the unfertilized eggs from fallopian tube to the endometrium has begun at this critical juncture when Yin is at its helm. The cycle of nature is at its best. The Yin creates Yang which grows until it reaches its apical coordinates and in turn gives birth to Yin. This mutual transformation sustains life.

-In the second half of the cycle (Luteal phase), Yang rules. The growth of a follicle triggers a deluge of luteinizing hormone that causes the egg to move towards the uterus. Enough energy is released and the egg finds it warm and cozy inside the uterus.

-The therapist keenly studies the cycle, diagnoses the cause, identifies the nerve points and starts his therapeutic treatment.