It has been and will continuously be a long journey, till I really become a father. I still remember, about 1 year ago, I contacted Megan for some information about New Life and their surrogacy plans. We had a lot of communication until I finally made a decision. We also met some unexpected situations in these months, such as the Laos facility closed, the surrogate mother missed the schedule, the chosen egg donor was not ready for a recent donation, etc. I was a little worried in between but fortunately, Nana and Megan and other New Life staff did a great job to overcome all these emergency cases. As I had some unsmooth experience, I never expected to succeed in the first trial of IVF. However, you have to realize that Life is a miracle sometimes. When I knew I have twins, I could not use any words to describe my unbelievable happiness at that moment.

I’d like to thank my friend Mike for introducing me to New Life, to Nana, Megan and all other New Life staff for their great job, to egg donor and surrogate for their involvement in my journey to be a father. Thank you all. And Hope my babies will grow healthy and my project will go as smooth as the IVF process.


W. Y. from China