When people arrive at some certain age in life they are eager to have their own kids. During these recent 4-5 years I extremely wanted one and I was introduced to New Life by a good friend of mine. The first time when I contacted New Life was October, 2016, but life is a joke sometimes. After I had sperm collection done in October in Cambodia, I faced the changes of law there, all the process have to be stopped. I could not do anything at that time but to wait until the opening of new branch in Laos in 2017. We looked forward to do transfer in March, and we were so eager to find out the result of the program in April.

Happiness came so suddenly. When Megan informed me that I have twin boys, I was so happy… I stared at the ultrasound and wished my sons could come to life right away. The stage of pregnancy was even more anxious and finally, after nine months my babies were born. The new chapter of my life started, everything is surrounded by the babies. I feel like that my life is more colorful than before. Although sometimes I had a headache from the sound of baby crying or sound of hiccup made me exhausted, but I was touched by beautiful and innocent smile of the babies.

Thank New Life for all the help to complete my dream to have kids. I want to thank Nana and Megan for all the support during the process, especially Megan. She always helped me right away when I ran into any difficulties or questions. Thank you for accompanying me during the whole process!

X.W. from China