Why Are Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs Better?

The surrogacy program can be roller coaster ride for the intended parents. They have already been part of a huge struggle as a childless couple. They have faced enough and experience a lot more than they deserve. Surrogacy procedure brings a hope in their childless lives. However, this is not the end of their struggle. As a matter of fact, surrogacy is a new journey of the struggle for them. They have been survivors in the previous battle as they have decided to go for a surrogacy. They must show even more enthusiasm in this journey come out as winners.
There are a lot of ups and downs associated with a surrogacy program. Intended couples can experience failure in transfers, stillbirth or even premature delivery. Unsuccessful surrogacy program will have required them to attend once over again. This involves a lot of money to be invested again in the program. Guaranteed surrogacy programs are new concepts where the intended parents are safe financially as well as emotionally.
These are attractive to intended parents as they get some relief from the emotional tension and uncertainty that they are going through. However, it requires a lot of attention and concentration of the intended parent you decide whether to go for a guaranteed surrogacy program or not.
These guaranteed programs assured multiple trials including egg donation and other required medical procedures. Remember that the Guaranteed program does guarantee a pregnancy and baby delivery. It ensures multiple trials at the same cost for the intended parents.
Guaranteed Surrogacy Program
Intended parents from all over the world knock the doors of fertility and surrogacy centers with a cherished dream of having their baby in their arms. They have been waiting for years for their baby to arrive. Their untiring and dedicated efforts have got them on the verge of mental frustration when they face repeated failures in the surrogacy process. The agony of being a childless couple make them withdraw themselves from the society. They desperately look for solutions to combat the infertility issue. They go for repeated trials even after knowing that they have to Income expenses for each of these trials.
Guaranteed surrogacy program is for all those warriors who have been attempting trials to have a baby. This program is to fulfill their desires through egg donation and every other requirement in the surrogacy program. Such programs ensure repeated trials with no extra cost. You cannot get such assurance in other infertility treatment programs. Under this proposal, the intended parent must only pay once until their baby is delivered to them.
This is a great way to free yourself from the stress of failed surrogacy transfers or miscarriages. Intended couples do not have to worry about the expenses involved in the next trials. They can concentrate on the medical procedure and remain positive about it. However, the surrogacy agencies have eligibility criteria for guaranteed surrogacy programs for intended couples. The intended couples must fulfill all the criteria to register themselves for guaranteed surrogacy program.
Advantages of Guaranteed Surrogacy Program
There are a lot of advantages for the intended parents in a guaranteed surrogacy program. These are:
1. The intended parents can remain stress-free regarding the financial expenses of the repeated surrogacy trials. They only must pay once for the process and enjoy multiple attempts at the same charges.
2. They can concentrate on other medical aspects of the surrogacy program.
3. They can avail multiple egg and sperm donation required for their successful embryo transfer and pregnancy.
4. They get a lot of utility for their money.
5. Guaranteed surrogacy program assures them with a healthy baby at the end of successful gestation and delivery.
Guaranteed Surrogacy with Egg Donation Program Envisages the Following:
1. Unlimited IVF/ICSI procedures
2. Unlimited coverage of involved medical services fees
3. Unlimited number of new egg donors if required
4. Planning the program with the possibility to choose an Egg Donor
5. Coverage of New IVF and Egg Donation program expenses and all involved costs, in case of miscarriage, until pregnancy is achieved.
Intended parents find Guaranteed Surrogacy to be helpful in regards of allocating their fund peaceful mind. They are assured of the fact that they will be given several tries until the time they get a favorable outcome.