Adoption VS Surrogacy

We see many intended parents in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between adoption and surrogacy. As a matter of fact, choosing between adoption and surrogacy can be a little time taking for an intended parent. Here, we have presented a sincere and forthright comparison for you to take the correct decision while planning to build your family.
Prospective parents see both surrogacy and adoption as rewarding options to build their families. Each of these two processes is unique and has its own sets of challenges. Every family thinks differently when it comes to considering parenthood through an unconventional method.
Surrogacy Vs. Adoption
In adoption, the intended parents are not genetically connected to the child they bring to the home. The birth mother is the one whose genes are connected to the baby. Intended parents must go through legal and emotional implications to bring the baby home. On the other hand, in a surrogacy process intended parents are genetically connected to the baby. They can choose to serve as egg or sperm donors in the IVF procedure followed by surrogacy. Thus, they are more biologically connected to the baby.
Apart from that, the intended parents get the chance to be with the surrogate mother throughout the gestational period. Hence, they can be more connected to the baby, which would otherwise be not possible in an adoption procedure.
Cost and Compensation
We cannot deny the fact that both surrogacy and adoption procedures involve professional fees, medical expenditure, legal fees, agency fees and many other miscellaneous expenditures of the program. Expenses related to surrogacy like doctor’s consultation, laboratory fees, IVF expenditure, surrogate compensation and other tax expenditure involved in it are much affordable and satisfactory than paying for an adoption. In adoption procedures, you must pay to the agency and the biological mother might not get a good share of it. On the other hand, in surrogacy, the surrogate mother gets all her expenses reimbursed and is entirely taken care of during her gestational period.
Satisfactory Matching Process
In adoption procedures, intended parents do not get a chance to choose their baby. They must remain open to all races, medical history, and substance exposure. On the other hand, in surrogacy, the intended parents can choose from profiles of prospective surrogates. They can select the surrogate after knowing each other and understanding each other well.
Prenatal Care of The Baby
Babies born out of surrogacy receive much better prenatal care than others. The surrogate mother goes through all medical tests and remains away from drugs and alcohol during this time. Since she is into a medical contract, she professionally abstains herself from being exposed to any harmful substances in her utero. These provisions are included in the contract signed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. These assurances cannot be there in adoption. You barely have any choice to select a baby as per your desire. Adoption agencies do not provide such options to intended parents.
Medical Procedure Involved in The Process
Surrogacy passes through complex medical procedures. These steps are not included in adoption. Such medical actions assure the health of the baby. Thus, going for a surrogacy procedure always gives you a better assurance of having a healthy baby connected to your genes.
Being with The Baby During the Gestation
If you have chosen surrogacy for your baby to welcome home, you have gifted yourself the entire period of gestation that you can enjoy as your baby grows in the surrogate’s womb. You, thus, get a chance to connect with the baby more. In adoption process, you miss the opportunity to see the baby growing in the womb. Surrogacy offers you a chance to witness the baby’s delivery that you would not get in an adoption procedure.
Assurance and Reliability
To be honest, adoption always has a chance of disruption in the middle. On the other hand, there remains no trace of uncertainty in a surrogacy agreement. The surrogate mother is under legal bindings and she knows from the very beginning that the baby she is carrying is going to be handed over to the intended parents after the successful completion of gestation followed by delivery.
Relationship of The Biological Mother with The Child
Intended parents might not like the idea of the biological mother to be in touch with the baby afterward. They, however, do not have a choice of that in adoption, as the adoption laws always give room to the biological mother to be in contact with the baby even after the adoption procedure. On the other hand, surrogate mothers are professionals and they have legal clauses signed that doesn’t allow them to be in touch with the baby in future.
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