Common Surrogacy Concerns for Intended Parents

Every couple wants to have their child who they can raise with all their heart. It is a wonderful experience to have in your life. Having a kid in the family fills the home with happiness and positivity. 20% of today’s population suffer from infertility. Rapid changes in the modern lifestyle are the main reason behind such infertility. Childless couples and singles, those who were unable to conceive naturally before were denied such happiness in their lives.  Surrogacy has opened new doors of hope for all these childless intended parents, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation.

International surrogacy is one of the most important ways for a childless couple or singles to have a genetically connected child. There are a lot of complications related to any surrogacy program. It requires a lot of research and considerations before registering for any surrogacy arrangement. People have different reasons for entering any IVF treatment.

Infertility or any other health issues are prime reasons for people to be unable to have a child naturally. There are social issues related to sexual identity, marital status and sexual orientation that hinder a person’s dream to become a parent. In vitro fertilization followed by surrogacy has broken all these barriers for people suffering from childlessness due to various reasons.

The journey of surrogacy for intended parents is to create a family for them. Commercial increased in the recent years like anything. Many countries have IVF centre and surrogacy setups for childless intended parents. There are many of such institutions and go-betweens that operate to exploit the hopes, of course, childless intended parents. Several dishonest clinics have tied up with attorneys, to operate to fulfil legitimate objectives.

Issues Faced by Intended Parents

There have been many cases where intended parents are subjected to overcharging on the cost of surrogacy and other expenditures involved in the process. They are even subjected to fraud and are denied basic information. It is very important for an intended parent to know about every bit and pieces of details about their surrogacy arrangement. They are supposed to know thoroughly about their fertility status and involvement of any required donor. Surrogacy Agencies should give the detailed breakup of the cost involved in conducting the surrogacy program.

One of the major concerns of the intended parents is about the particular laws of a country related to surrogacy. They need to know all the legal determinations of a country for the best interest of the child. Intended parents are always advised to go for clear surrogacy agreements to avoid any legal hazard related to the citizenship of the child and its custody. It required extensive administrative paperwork to have everything on the place for an intended parent to get a clearance on the child’s birth certificate and documents related to it returning home.

There are many other issues related to international surrogacy. Some of these are:

Intended parents often are worried about the huge sum they have to pay for IVF and surrogacy program with no guarantee of success. IVF agencies assure to provide the best of results but never guarantee the success. It may require several attempts for an intended parent to get success in a trial.

There are many IVF clinics that do not provide all information regarding the donors or gestational mothers. The communication process with them is not two way and hence creates confusion for the intended parents. Such agencies do not let the intended parents know about the donor’s payment or even the surrogate mother’s payment.

Working With Intermediaries or Middleman

It is not at all reliable to work with intermediaries on middleman who acts as a bridge between the surrogacy agencies and intended parents. We can be a reason of absolute heartbreak of the intended parents in reaching their goal of having a child.

However, there are some intermediaries who genuinely work family in between the two parties. They are responsible for providing all the information of international commercial surrogacy to the people in general. They work on a commercial relationship with the surrogacy agency but remain committed towards work ethics.

At times it is misleading for the intermediaries to provide false information to the intended parents to enrol them in a surrogacy program by any means. It is not possible to get a clear picture related to finances or human right issues from them. They are more focused on registering maximum intended parents for their International surrogacy programs.

Legal Factors to Be Considered

Gestational surrogacy contract needs to be written by a legal consultant. An attorney working in this field can be the right person to protect all the parties interest involved in it. The three parties, namely, the surrogate mother, the intended parents and the surrogacy agency require agreeing to the agreement to proceed with the surrogacy arrangement. It requires a special mention of a sperm or egg Donor, In case the surrogacy arrangement involves them.

The legal aspects should cover the insurance agreement of the surrogate mothers Healthcare as well as her monetary compensations. It is always better to have everything mentioned in the contract before entering into the arrangement.

The legal contract should include the breach clauses. This part will explain the consequences both the parties have to face in case any of them fail to perform as per our agreement. Determination of selective reduction of the pregnancy should be discussed clearly in the legal document. The intended parents should be in full agreement with the clauses that cover the surrogate mother’s interests.

Legal documentation includes preparation of a complete work plan that would mention about everything related to the pregnancy and delivery. This portion discusses the implementation of anaesthesia or other pain management therapies for the surrogate during delivery. It requires maintaining a balance between the health and comfort of both the surrogate mother and the baby. Apart from having a detailed part plan, intended parents are supposed to have every right on their child. The legal documents should secure their parental rights and give them the license of taking their child to their homeland.