Affordable Gay-Friendly Surrogacy Destinations

Surrogacy is one justified option to expand family for gay and lesbian couples. Same sex couples also nurture the desire of parenting a child like the way straight men and women do. They also have a need and aspiration to raise their children. They are equally capable of giving the same love required to bring up a child and be a proud parent. Surrogacy is actually a wonderful option for them to become parents of their own genetically connected child.

If you have decided to go for surrogacy, you need to research on the legal information related to your country’s surrogacy law. Apart from making your own child through surrogacy in your own country, which might not be possible in every country, you can look out for affordable gay-friendly surrogacy destinations. You can choose from the gay surrogacy liberal countries that offer the program at a price you can afford.

There are quite a few countries where gay surrogacy is legal. The United States of America, Cambodia, and many other countries are restriction free regarding same sex surrogacy. But, the costs of surrogacy in those countries might not be affordable for you. As a matter of fact, gay surrogacy is a little more expensive than the normal one. Let us discuss the cost it includes in the program to find out the affordability of it.

Gay Surrogacy Cost

As mentioned earlier, the comprehensive cost of surrogacy is slightly higher for gay men. We have brought forward 2 following reasons to explain it. Let us read them one by one:

  1. Gay surrogacy requires compulsory egg donation to achieve parenthood. The expenditure of egg donation depends on the type of egg required for the particular program. Most surrogacy centers are committed to providing you the best choice eggs at a reasonable rate. They are all tied up with several egg donors who work regularly with them. Also, there is an option for using frozen eggs. You can easily use the frozen eggs to get time and cost benefits.
  2. Gay parents seek surrogacy services only to get their own genetically connected babies. Otherwise, they could have easily adopted one that would have been less expensive and less time to consume. In order to have babies of their own genes, gay couples have to go through IVF procedure and, hence, the fertilization cost is included in the program.

Gay men wanting to become parents

Gay couples can successfully have their own genetically connected child with the help of an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. These two aspects will ensure to bring the baby to full term, and finally, deliver it. More gay couples are availing surrogacy over the last half decade and making babies enjoy parenthood.

Gay couples have been facing challenges in their life due to the orientation they have chosen. Having a child gives them the strength to come over all the obstacles of society and proceed with their spirit. This also enriches them emotionally and improves them as a person. Having a family is the largest strength to anyone in this world. Surrogacy makes family making easy for gay couples. The advancement in the field of obstetrics and IVF has opened this path of baby making for everyone. Gay couples can also enjoy this boon of technology and come forward as a united family.

Gay Surrogacy in Laos

Laos in a new surrogacy destination for gay couples in Southeast Asia. This destination has emerged after the surrogacy ban in Thailand and Cambodia. Most of the renowned surrogacy bases of Thailand have moved to Laos due to its liberal laws regarding surrogacy. Also, the country provides most reasonable rates of egg donation and fertilization. This is one major reason of couples, irrespective of sexual orientation, to visit this place for their surrogacy programs. The most low-cost surrogacy in Asia is provided in this country with unrestricted same sex surrogacy initiatives.

Gay Surrogacy in Mexico

Mexico hosts centers for most affordable gay surrogacy. Due to the ban of gay surrogacy in the state of Tabasco in 2016, many people were in a misbelief that the country has entirely put a restriction on it. However, the active media has been able to convey the actual information regarding such ban to the surrogacy seekers through various news publications, blogs, and websites.

Apart from Tabasco, the other states are still conducting gay surrogacy programs. The surrogacy base of Mexico was formed strong with renowned fertilization specialist practitioners all over the world. The medical infrastructure of the nation also supports surrogacy and people associated with it. Women in the country are actively involved in providing gestational support to the intended parents at affordable rates. More people are conscious about this medical procedure, and that is the reason why a huge economy is involved in surrogacy initiatives in Mexico.

Gay Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has yet no law governing the procedures of surrogacy. The country has been offering affordable surrogacy successfully to a huge part of the African patients for many years now. Nairobi has a good number of quality and reasonable IVF clinics operated by successful IVF professionals. These surrogacy centers are in responsibilities of handing over the child to the gay couple with all legal formalities.

They issue a Kenyan birth Certificate with the names of the birth mother along with the genetic father. The biological father can travel with the child to his own country Based on a letter signed by the surrogate that frees her from all the rights of acquisition of the child. The country is also liberal in engaging embryos and egg donors in the program.


Once you have decided to go for surrogacy to make your baby, you need to go through the catalog or brochures of several surrogacy agencies that offer gay surrogacy programs. These details are easily available over the internet these days. You need to search the country’s surrogacy laws first and then move in details in its surrogacy cost. The surrogacy agencies facilitate egg donation and other screening protocols are affordable rates in the countries we have discussed in this article. Apart from that, if you require any more information related to any genre of gay surrogacy, you can get in touch with our consultants.

A prospective- surrogacy needs to be attended in details. It may be related to parents of any sexual orientation. A more detailed analysis is required in gay surrogacy as it includes a series of laws prevalent in various nations. You have to be careful and learned of all these- laws while- applying- for it at any surrogacy of any nation. Also, it is advised to meet a local advocate of the country where you plan to initiate your surrogacy program. This will assure of the terms the country has to release the child and hand it over to you after the delivery. Proper documentation is utmost necessary in this case. The surrogacy centers are the entire responsibility of all these affairs. Cooperate with them to avail the best rate gay surrogacy at the most affordable rates.