Long Awaited Surrogacy Baby Arrived

New Life Asia is delighted to announce the birth of beautiful baby girl, the new member of Japanese family. Her arrival was long-awaited and she made the family complete.

K from Japan could not carry baby due to her personal health problem and addressed New Life for a surrogate mother. She had only one blastocyst and the big hope that New Life would make a miracle for her family. And her dream came true, luckily we received pregnancy at the very first attempt, with the only one blastocyst and after 9 months K became a mother of adorable daughter.

K and her husband express their appreciation for the support they received from New Life : “We are so happy to be parents for our cute baby. Every day I feel so! She is doing well and getting big, very healthy. We think it was good decision to work with New Life because we were able to become parents for our baby now! What we can say is, If there is somebody who is thinking to do surrogacy, no need to think! Just start it now! No time for thinking! I really hope all couples can get their dream come true”.

K from Japan is happy to share her personal experience with the couples who are just heading on a parenting journey.