Z C from China

Dear Tey and Sophie,

Thanks so much for this great news and your effort and assist offered so far. We are so excited and happy to get this positive news, which has already made me constantly thinking and worried for the most of the time in the past 10 days. It is really huge and important moment for my whole family. It is so delightful to have u to enjoy this moment together.

At the same time, please bring my best wishes and thank to my surrogate mother. From this moment, she will take the responsibility to bear our kid as well as closely link our whole family’s future fate. During the last stay in PP, I didn’t have the chance to meet her in person and conduct video call afterwards. Since she is just pregnant and needs sufficient rest, I don’t need any video call with her any more. However, please make sure that she knows we are caring about her all the time and ask her to take care of herself for sure during her pregnancy.

Now healthy baby is my only strong wish and expectation. I can’t tolerate any things harmful to my baby.

Concerning the check list for surrogate about “dos and don’ts in pregnancy, please educate her and do some monitoring follow up. For example, no certain medicines, drugs, alcohol, no chemical stuffs like cosmetics and colored hair, pay attention to nutrition and so on, I bet New Life should be much more professional than me to take actions to assure baby’s health.

Z C from China