Thailand Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in Thailand

Currently in Thailand, foreign and same-sex couples are not allowed to participate in a surrogacy program. According to law, only married Thai couples are eligible for surrogacy. Moreover, intended parents should be married for at least 3 years and a female partner should not be able to get pregnant.

Terms of agreement between intended parents and a surrogate mother should follow guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health. Before being admitted to the program, Thai couple needs an approval from the special committee, which consists of experts in various medical fields. It is important that a surrogate mother has altruistic purposes only. Commercial surrogacy is strictly banned in the country.

Surrogacy in Thailand

Before the ban, Thailand used to be a popular destination for international couples seeking fertility treatment and surrogacy services. A lot of people have experienced the joy of parenthood through a surrogacy program in Thailand.

New Life has fully recognized the changing nature of surrogacy legislation. We are actively involved in clarifying and analyzing possible changes in order to plan our programs accordingly. Constant involvement and development allows New Life to protect intended parents from all possible legal complications.

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