Philippines Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in Philippines

The first known surrogacy case in Philippines goes back to 2008 year – gay couple became dads with the help of a Filipino surrogate mother.

In Manila, the capital of Philippines, it is possible to find a surrogacy agency and a clinic that offers fertility services for international parents. However, surrogacy is not still widely available.

Law in Philippines does not put any restrictions on surrogacy. Despite the lack of government regulation, the medical council of Philippines clearly does not approve it. Currently, there is no evidence that the country will support legalizing surrogacy. Vice versa, Catholic church will most likely oppose the wide availability of commercial surrogacy in the country.

surrogacy in philippines

It is essential to realize that surrogacy is a relatively new field in the world of law. Based on country’s traditions, mentality and religion, it is often possible to make a reasonable prediction about possible changes in the surrogacy law. In sake of accuracy and confidence, we will update the information as soon as any legislative changes will be detected and confirmed.

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