Myanmar Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in Myanmar

Although no explicit law promotes or prohibits surrogacy in Myanmar, social factors and religious views do not give the opportunity to make it available.

With IVF clinics open, country definitely catches an attention as a possible surrogacy destination. However, the attempts to partner up will be unsuccessful in the majority of cases. In reality, IVF clinics in Myanmar refuse and are not motivated to offer not only surrogacy, but donation services as well.

Based on the number of monks in proportion to population, Myanmar is the most religious Buddhist country. Due to the religious views and society’s strict attitude, surrogacy services are clearly not available in the country even without government restricting it.

surrogacy in Myanmar

When choosing a surrogacy destination, it is important to consider traditional, mental and religious factors. Cultural differences play a huge role in the course of development and finally result in varying regulations and practices across the countries. At New Life, we offer surrogacy destinations where intended parents will avoid not only medical and legislative issues, but culture related ones as well.

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