Surrogacy in Malaysia

About Surrogacy in Malaysia

After a surrogacy ban in Cambodia and Thailand, Malaysia has become popular as a surrogacy destination. Country, well known for it’s modern city architecture, amazing landscapes and beaches, has instantly captured people’s attention as a provider of surrogacy services.

Malaysia is indeed one of the affordable surrogacy destinations, where no regulations address or restrict it. A number of Asian as well as European couples have become parents through a surrogacy program in Malaysia.

While government does not put any restrictions on surrogacy, according to the guidelines of Malaysian Medical Council, providing assisted reproductive technology (ART) services for unmarried couples is unethical.

It is hard to have a full statistical overview about surrogacy in Malaysia. Based on social and traditional factors, local parents prefer to avoid discussing, revealing and sharing their surrogacy experiences. Due to religious views, some members of the society consider it inappropriate to carry someone else’s child and give up the parenthood rights after the delivery.

We are paying a close attention to the environment and surrogacy legislation in Malaysia and will update the information accordingly.

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