Korea Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in Korea

In Korea, there is no law that restricts or legalizes surrogacy. Although there are no restrictions, Medical Association of Korea provides certain guidelines according to which, commercial surrogacy is not encouraged in the country.

Assisted reproduction technologies are permitted in Korea. Clinics that provide fertility treatments, need a special allowance and prior authorization from the minister of health and welfare. Only married couples can receive fertility treatment and same-sex parenthood is not accepted. In Korea, female giving birth to a baby will be a legal mother.

Egg donation procedures can be performed, however, are acceptable for research purposes only. A female can not donate her eggs more than three times.

Intended parents do not need to be worried if a certain country does not satisfy their needs or meet their expectations about surrogacy services. For our programs, we choose the most appropriate and unproblematic destinations.

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