China Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in China

Abandoning the one-child-policy after 35 years and allowing families to have two children, came as a pleasant surprise for Chinese couples. Not surprisingly, after lightening the rules of family planning, there has been a significant increase in the demand on surrogacy services. A number of couples longing for a second child, faced certain obstacles – medical or age related.

Chinese couples seeking fertility treatment for having their first child, have been joined by the families wishing for a second baby. For many of them, surrogacy is the most suitable solution but unfortunately, is unavailable in China due to government regulations.

Surrogacy in China is addressed by the law and is forbidden in any form. Government is aware that a number of citizens have concerns about such a strict prohibition. Anyway, surrogacy remains banned in the country.

Chinese couples with fertility issues can always contact New Life. With the experience and deep insight in the field, we have already helped a number of Chinese intended parents, who have never experienced any kind of issues when leaving back for their country. We provide a lot of possibilities for Chinese parents in Asia and will continue to offer our service, which will be always adjusted to current regulations and environment.

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