Cambodia Surrogacy

About Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy used to be widely available in Cambodia. The government neither banned or promoted surrogacy, which allowed surrogacy agencies to satisfy the needs of number of intended parents.

Currently, surrogacy in Cambodia is regulated by the law and is banned by the ministries of Health and Justice.

Standard fertility treatments as well as IVF procedures can be performed, however, are prohibited once the recipient is the surrogate mother. Based on cross-border programs, programs are instead completed or offered in nearby countries – Laos or Malaysia.

In February 2017, Foreign Ministry announced that government was drafting a law that may make surrogacy legal.

Officials are currently in the process of discussion and analyze disadvantages that can be caused by banning surrogacy in the country.

According to the draft, however, the legalization of surrogacy does not seem to envisage international couples. It supports the idea that intermediaries should not be involved in surrogacy agreements. Most probable forecast is that Cambodia will enforce the same approach as Thailand – accept non commercial surrogacy for Cambodian intended parents.

New life is paying a close attention to the changes in Cambodian law about surrogacy and will provide updates as soon as any changes will be confirmed.

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